Patient engagement vendor holding you back?

It’s time to deliver a superior patient access experience.
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More and more, we hear from providers looking to replace a patient engagement vendor 
that fails to deliver on its promises.

Some of these issues might sound familiar?

  • Reactive support
  • Not a point-to-point solution
  • EHR integration that can't deliver at scale
  • Slow turnaround times
  • Engagement that creates more work, not less
  • Falls short on a full-patient experience

Meet the orchestration platform that’s
joining up the care experience

Only Lumeon proactively coordinates patients, access teams, and care professionals, using intelligent automation to navigate the entire care journey.


Lumeon Vs. traditional patient engagement

We don’t just do engagement. We help optimize the digital coordination of care operations
to improve care quality and make life easier for everyone.

  Traditional patient engagement vendors Lumeon logo-ai
Appointment reminders Some
Multi-modal patient outreach Some
Integrated self-scheduling Some
Dynamic e-forms (insurance, health risk etc.) Some
Broadcast campaigns Some
Intelligent automation
Connect workflows across the care journey
Real-time patient journey tracker & reporting
Care team tasking & coordination

Autopilot function (remind, recall, escalate etc.)

Integrated clinical pathways
Bi-directional EHR integration Some
Program design & consulting Some

Transform Patient Experience


Reduce Revenue Leakage


Empower Patient Access Teams


Reduce Gaps
in Care


Professional services that work as hard as you do

"Lumeon has one of the best support teams! They have supported all the changes in a very short timeframe. The product itself has been working flawlessly."

Lumeon customer survey

June 2020

"Phenomenal project management! Lumeon works diligently with us to clearly understand our objectives."

Lumeon customer survey

June 2020

"System is built very well and the Lumeon staff are great! Very professional and willing to work with their clients at all times!"

Lumeon customer survey

June 2020

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  • One platform, many use cases
  • Build your own care journey sequences
  • Handles administrative and operational workflow
  • Integrate with your EHR
  • 27+ language options
  • Strong track record of successful deployments